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Fox-Mar Photography is pleased to have grown our business in the Elementary and Middle School market for all of South Florida. Our success with new digital services has allowed us to include more schools for the upcoming year.

Planning the date for your school picture is a critical part of the school's calendar. Early planning for Picture Day is crucial to having a smooth and productive picture day. We encourage initiating your bid proposals as early as possible before school starts for the upcoming year to allow for this scheduling. This is important in order to schedule a date that is right for your school.

Fox-Mar can also provide your school with student photo CD for your library/media center, grade book programs, administrator software, and yearbook publisher's software. All of our portrait CDs meet strict industry standards and conform to the exact specifications set by the yearbook publishers and software vendors. We will make certain that you have no trouble importing our images into your school’s systems.

You will be able to produce photo ID cards, seating charts, photo awards, photo certificates, photo books, and administrator reports with photos from our free PIMS Software for schools.

This coming school year promises to be even more exciting and efficient with even more digital products and services. Being the first school portrait studio in South Florida to go completely digital, we have a clear advantage over others in our industry.

Want to talk to us about your school’s needs? Please allow me some time to meet with you and discuss your needs. You can call Fox-Mar at 1-866-FOXMAR1 (1-866-369-6271) or email us at

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