Portrait Tips

What to Wear & What to Bring

Not only will you be photographed for the yearbook, your session will include several casual, traditional, glamour, and graduation poses. We offer these suggestions for the best look:

If you booked a Platinum or Double Session, remember to bring a favorite shirt sweater, jersey, or uniform so that we can take additional poses for your personal use. Bring a couple of outfits and we can help you in making a choice. View our gallery to spark ideas.


Make up: Make-up should look natural and not overdone. Eye shadow and lip color are always a great touch. Bathing suit strap marks or tan lines will show. Tan evenly, and avoid the sun at least two days before your portait.

Clothing: Clothes should be ironed and ready to go. Try to avoid sleeveless, or tank top shirts, as they are not the most attering to photograph. Bring a mix of casual and dressy attires for a nice variety.

Nails: If you paint your nails, make sure they are not chipped or too bright. ey can become a distraction from you and may not work with all of your attires.

Hair: Make sure your hairstyle is something you are happy with. Avoid getting a haircut close to your appointment to insure it is exactly how you want it. Any hair changes during or in-between the sessions should be quick and simple so you have as much camera time as possible. Your hair style should not cover your eyes.

* Donít forget your class ring!


Clothing: A dark jacket and tie with a light colored dress shirt is required for your yearbook pose. When tuxedos are required for the yearbook portrait, the studio will have them available. Your shirt must be able to button at the neck. Choose clothing you are comfortable in and try to avoid stripes, plaid, large logos, or anything that can become a distraction from you. Bring colors and styles, some dressy and some casual.

Shaving: Please come to your session clean shaven with hair neatly combed or styled.

Hair: If you have long hair make sure it will stay out of your eyes during the session. Try to avoid drastic changes to your everyday hairstyle to ensure you will like it in the photograph.

* Donít forget your class ring!
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